Credit Repair Summit 2015 Hottest Topics

For credit repair business owners or anyone looking for information on how to start or grow a credit repair business, the 2015 Credit Repair Summit is not to be missed. This annual event brings together some of the most sought-after industry experts, along with many of the most successful credit repair business operators, all in one place. Attendees to this informative gathering can expect to learn the latest trends, tips and techniques – all from the best minds in the credit repair field.

This year’s Credit Repair Summit promises to be the best yet, with presenters and speakers discussing the many positive changes impacting our industry. Attendees can expect to learn a range of information including the basics such as how to start a credit repair business, to advanced topics like regulatory and compliance issues. Some of the presenters and topics at this year’s summit include:

·The Evolving Consumer Protection Environment – Presented by Robby Birnbaum, Director of Greenspoon Marder’s Regulatory and Defense Practice.

·Dispute Methodology – Presented by Joshua Carmona, credit repair expert and co-founder of Score Inc.

·Debt Settlement, Bankruptcy and Credit Counseling Opportunities – Presented by Dan Kwiatek, co-founder of DMB Financial and Board Member of the American Fair Credit Counsel.

·Why I’m Proud to be in the Credit Repair Business – Presented by Doug Parker, owner of Repair My Credit Now, one of the fastest growing credit repair businesses in the country.

·My Odyssey with the Federal Trade Commission-Presented by Doug Parker

·Credit Report Training (Advanced) – Presented by Dan Sater, nationally recognized expert on the FICO scoring model and founder of Credit Scoring Advisor.
These topics and speakers are just a small sample of what attendees will have access to at this year’s Credit Repair Summit. And perhaps the best part about this annual credit repair training event is the fact that it is held entirely online. That means no expensive travel costs, less time away from your busy schedule, and on-going access to the sessions long after the Summit is over.

The annual Credit Repair Summit is sponsored by Score Inc., one of the leading software and consulting providers to the credit repair industry. Score is known not only for the value they bring to credit repair business owners, but for the high standards and ethical behavior they promote. Check out risk free serv.

Where else can you find this level of training by experts in the credit repair industry gathered together in one place? The answer is only at the 2015 Credit Repair Summit presented by Score, Inc Locksmith Boss. There will be more than 36 hours of expert credit repair training designed to help folks who are just starting out and established credit repair businesses alike.

Now is the time to really Learn To Run A Profitable Credit Repair Business by attending this incredible event. Click Here to Visit the Credit Repair Summit website , to learn about all of the credit repair training sessions and speakers at this year’s event.

If you are really ready to take your business to the next level, contact Score Inc. for more details. We will see you at that 2015 credit Repair Summit!