Learn to Compare Credit Score Models

If you have decided to go into the credit repair business, you know there is a lot to learn! You need to know all you can so you can help your clients to repair their credit and make their dreams come true. Not only that, but knowing credit repair inside and out is an important part of running a successful business.

Credit Repair Summit 2015 is here to help. This summit covers how to start and run your own credit repair business and how to make it a success. The experts at the Credit Repair Summit want to make sure you know everything you need to know, and that’s why they provide eBooks such as Comparing Credit Scoring Models to help with any questions you may have.

The Credit Repair Summit can Give You All the Tools You Need to Help Your Clients

When a client comes to you with credit problems, you need to know the ins and outs of the credit business so you know how to best help them. They are depending on you to be the expert, and to help them get their life back on track. The eBook Comparing Credit Scoring Models can make it easier for you to give your clients the help they need.

Comparing Credit Scoring Models is written by credit scoring specialist Dan Sater. He is a nationally recognized expert on the FICO scoring model, a chairman of the education committee for NACSO, the credit repair industry trade association, and founder and managing partner of Credit Scoring Advisor. He serves as an advisor and coach for credit repair businesses across the country and has provided professional credit advice (which specializes in mortgage industry training and marketing). Check this link if zou are looking for it support san diego. He is also an expert advisor to CreditCRM and to NARCA (National Association of Responsible Credit Repair Advisors).

The book answers questions that credit repair professionals may have about consumer credit scoring, from FICO to Vantage and everything in between.

“The thing is – there are multitudes of scoring models and within those scoring models are additional scoring assessments that are unique to each and every company, virtually no two are alike,” writes Mr. Sater. “Understanding the workings of these scoring models is critical to helping your credit repair clients and ultimately to the success of your business.”

Comparing Credit Scoring Models can Help Make You a Credit Repair Expert

Mr. Sater will take you, step by step, through many credit scoring models. He begins with a brief history of credit scoring and then moves on to an in-depth look at the most popularly used scoring models, including what makes each one of them unique. Check ANCHOR. He explores the similarities and differences in the models, the advantages and disadvantages of each one, and he explains why these models are constantly changing and how new models are developed. He also gives insight into the one thing that all credit scoring models can really tell you and your clients.

Mr. Sater also covers:
• Credit models within credit models
• Revenue scoring
• Bankruptcy scoring
• Attrition risk scoring
• Transaction scoring
• Behavior scoring
• Custom consumer credit scoring
• FICO, Vantage and “FAKO” scoring models
• A comparison of the popular FICO Classic and Proprietary Consumer Scoring Models and an explanation of the discrepancies in scoring that arise, particularly for those with low scores and damaged credit
• Advice on how to help your clients avoid sudden credit score drops
• How you and your clients can avoid the discrepancies and the damage that disparate scores can cause

As a credit repair professional, you need to understand the details of each credit scoring model, and you need to know how to stay up-to-date on the latest models that are being used. From his years of experience and his access to respected industry experts and insiders, Dan Sater has gained a perfect understanding of everything there is to know about credit scoring models.

Order your copy of Comparing Credit Scoring Models today so you can get the insider insights you need to assist your clients and help make your credit repair business a success!