Credit Repair Business training

Credit reports are important documents. Unfortunately, someone can work hard to have excellent credit, only to have one little error on a credit report that bringsdevastating consequences. Even a small mistake can mean a person won’t get the credit they need to fulfill their dreams, to start a business, or to buy the home they want.

This is why the credit repair business is so important. With his new eBook,Score Factual Technical Dispute Methodology, Joshua Carmona shows those in the credit repair business how to help those who have been the victim of a mistake on their credit report. Mr. Carmona is an author, consultant, founder,vice president of, co-founder of the acclaimed, and an undisputed leader in the credit repair industry. He is the creator and developer of’s unparalleled credit repair dispute process, which he reveals in the Score Factual Technical Dispute Methodology.

Using the tips in his book, you can reach out to those who need your help, while growing your credit repair business.

Chances are, one reason you wanted to go into the credit repair industry was because you wanted to help people repair their credit. Someone has to help these consumers – although the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was created with the intention of ensuring that consumer credit reports are 100% verifiable, accurate, and free from error, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) states that 26% of consumers report errors on their credit reports. This means that 40 million Americans are suffering from credit reporting errors that aren’t their fault. Other research shows that anywhere from 25 to 79% of Americans have errors on their credit reports, and 25% of these errors can result in denial of credit.

“Credit repair professionals are needed to guide consumers through the process of credit repair,” says Mr. Carmona.“There are millions of people across the nation that need the help of credit repair professionals like you. It is imperative that you get into position to help more of those people – in your hometown, across the street or right next door.”

The details of the credit repair industry are not easy to understand. Consumers, and even credit repair professionals can get lost easily. Mr. Carmona understands the world of credit repair and can help you to understand it, too. Mr. Carmona’s book is about factual technical dispute methodology, a proven method used to repair credit reports.

The book gives you:

  • Insight into The Fair Credit Reporting Act, The Credit Repair Organization Act, and the implications of the two most common credit repair models
  • Background on how credit reporting agencies, creditors, and collection agencies work and how disputes are processed
  • An overview of the current credit reporting system, including its shortcomings, flaws and violations, along with consumers’ understanding, or lack thereof, of the system
  • Tips on how you can help to meet the needs of consumers and help them set their credit reports straight while developingyour business successfully
  • The tools needed for you to run your credit repair organization effectively and efficiently, including sample templates and dispute letters, strategies and tactics, and tips on dealing with the worst creditors in the country
  • Explanations of how organization and automation are keys to efficiently running your business
  • Insight into how to meet the needs of your credit repair customers through the factual technical dispute methodology. You’ll get crucial information on strategies, tactics, organization, dispute letters, dispute templates and the utilization of the Score Factual Technical Dispute techniques to automate your practice and more efficiently serve your customers. Check how to find the best cleaning services around arvada.

Credit repair professionals are the custodians of the credit report, insuring that each consumer’s credit file is 100% verifiable and free from error. It is a big responsibility, but it is an important job!

Order Score Factual Technical Dispute Methodology by Joshua Carmona today and get the information you need to successfully dispute even the worst creditors for your customers, helping as many consumers as possible while making your credit repair business a success!

Download the infographic from last year session: Factual Dispute Methodology!