CRS 2015 Main Speakers and Topics

Credit Repair Training for Credit Repair Businesses has never been easier than through’s upcoming Online Credit Repair Summit. The 2015 Summit, that starts October 6, has over 36 topics presented by 30 speakers and industry roundtable subject matter experts. These are just some of the faculty for Credit Repair Summit 2015:

Dan Sater
Daniel Sater is an author, speaker, credit repair coach, and nationally recognized expert on the FICO Scoring Model. He’ll be explaining the FICO Scoring Model in detail in his presentation at the Summit. After a decade of researching the FICO scoring model, Daniel founded a business called Credit Scoring Advisor, a credit restoration firm in 2007. He serves as Chair of the Education Committee for NACSO, the credit repair industry trade association. In addition, Dan is responsible for creating the Certification Exams for membership in NASCO and advanced Certifications. He is one of the three people who contributed to the creation of the CreditCRM Certification Exam and was an advisor to CreditCRM and its members. Dan has obtained the designations of Certified Credit Expert – CreditCRM, Certified FICO Professional – AllReg/FICO, CROA Certified –NACSO and is a NYS Certified Continuing Education Instructor for the Real Estate Industry. Many Credit Repair Companies have come to Dan for credit coaching and advice as well as to attend his Credit Mastermind groups. You will enjoy hearing his expert advice on Advanced Credit Report Training.
Sandy Northrupt
Sandy Northup is the CEO of A Plus Credit, Inc., a credit restoration, business credit, and business financing company. A Plus Credit is dedicated to finding the perfect solution to help clients achieve the next step in their life and/or business. Sandy serves on the board of NACSO (National Association of Credit Services Organizations.) She went to Appalachian State University on a full academic scholarship and graduated with a degree in Accounting. She earned an MBA from North Carolina State University. Sandy loves helping consumers and business owners make their dreams come true. You will love her enthusiasm as she speaks at the Summit about credit repair sales success.

Kelly Wells

Speaker Kelly Wells is in her 8th year as owner and president of Credit Restoration of Washington, or CROW. She’ll be speaking at the Summit on the topic of credit reports. Kelly has more than 15 years’ experience in the credit repair and mortgage industry. She has viewed thousands of credit reports and knows how the contents of these reports can affect consumers and their scores. Kelly Wells is an expert in educating consumers on what they need to do to achieve the highest possible credit score, and how their actions can affect them now and in the future. She does monthly classes for a local nonprofit and goes into local high schools to do classes for business and FBLA students. In her presentation, she’ll explain what the scoring models are looking for in a credit history.

Ray Tejada
Ray Tejada is the Sales Manager at The Credit Pros, a New Jersey based Credit Repair Organization. He joined The Credit Pros in 2010 after working in the mortgage industry. Ray is a Certified FICO Professional. Ray will be speaking about how to build a sales team and keep them motivated. Ray has found tremendous personal satisfaction in his work in the credit repair industry. He has had the opportunity to help many clients to change their lives.

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