Credit Repair Summit Frequently Asked Questions

About Credit Repair Summit

Are you an Existing Credit Repair Company?

Yes, you have a credit repair businessbut you are still looking for ways to make more money. You need to keep up with all the challenges of the credit repair space and keep your business ahead of the competition.

Are you searching for ways to close more sales offering new services to your existing clients? Yes, this is definitely right for you.

Are you retired or have extra time and are looking to make extra money in a business with a very low startup costs?
Yes, this is a good part-time business that is possible on a low startup cost.

Is your business centered on customers who need to improve their credit?
Yes, Realtors, Tax Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Auto Sales, or any business or sales person whose sales are affected by credit score and credit health.

Is this Conference right for me?

Are you a Experienced Credit Repair Company or Just Starting?
Yes, it can help you get started the right way and grow your current business with less mistakes and faster path to success with the least effort and investment, but with the greatest return.


Where is the event located?

At your home or office. Because this is an online event, there is no physical venue and no travel expenses. And you’ll get the recordings, so if you miss a live session, no worries.


What are the dates of the event? What day during the week?

October 11, 2016 To October 27, 2016 Sessions are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


What time are the sessions each day?

Sessions start at 10:00 AM CT – 1:00 PM CT.

How long are the sessions?

Each of the sessions is 45 – 1hr minutes in duration.


Where can I find out more about the speakers, their biographies and professional affiliations?

Event Signup

Can I still sign up after the event has started?

Yes. Tickets will still be available after the event starts.


How many sessions will there be?

There are 30 plus sessions planned over a 4 week period every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Starting October 4, 2016.


Will there be transcripts?

Yes. We’ll provide FREE transcripts of each presentation in Adobe PDF. This will allow you to study and scan the content of each presentation.

How do I watch the live sessions?

You simply log in to our secure attendee website and follow the instructions we provide. You’ll be able to view the live sessions on a computer and via mobile with GoToWebinar App

How to I watch the playbacks of sessions?

You simply log in to our ScoreWay University website. There you will find streaming videos you can playback from a Computer, Tablet or Phone. Downloadable transcripts and audio files are also provided. Your login credentials will be sent to you before the event starts.

If I can’t attend all the live sessions, will I be able to access recordings?

Yes. For each session we’ll provide a recording you can watch online via your computer so you won’t miss a thing. If a session occurs at an inconvenient time, no need to worry, even if you attend a live session, you’ll still get the recording. You’ll get access to recordings for up to 12 months after the live event. You automatically have access to session recordings and transcripts or collateral materials via ScoreWay University. Note: When you register, you’ll get a downloadable schedule for Outlook, iCal or Google.

How long can I access recorded sessions if I miss some or want to re-watch a session?

Even if you missed a session live, you will still have access to all recordings and transcripts for one year.


How much does it cost to attend ?

We offer various plans, please have a look at our pricing page here for specific types of plans available.

Can I purchase just a single session, or just the recordings?

You can attend any or all of the sessions (or catch the recordings if you miss any). However, a summit ticket is like a Disneyland ticket—you get access to everything. If you want access to any of this great content, you must purchase your ticket before the completion of the summit. After the summit has ended, this exclusive content will no longer be available for sale and the recordings will only be available to summit attendees.


Do you have a sample of how the sessions work?

We will be sending detailed instructions on how to access the sessions before the
start date.


What is The “Sample It” Guarantee?

If I don’t like the event, how does the “Sample it” Guarantee work?
Experience the first three days of the summit. Give it a try. If you decide it’s not right for you and you don’t want to sit in on any more sessions or use the materials, we’ll gladly refund your money. In other words, contact us within 72 hours of the summit start, by no later than October 8rd, 5pm CST, and we’ll gladly refund your money and cancel your access. No isithassles. No hard feelings. Our goal is to serve you to the best of our abilities. In fact, after just a few weeks, you’ll be amazed when you look back at where you started and where you’re headed.


Payment plan? Is it possible to make payments on a payment plan?

Yes, we are able to accept payments within a payment plan of 1 to 4 payments.

Questions during Sessions

How can I ask questions during the summit?

Two ways. First, during the live presentations, you’ll be able to submit questions during the Q&A portion of each session. Second, we’ve set up an interactive LinkedIn group where you can post questions and get answers from your peers and the presenters (and this can happen the moment you sign up!).

Affiliate Program

Do you have an affiliate program where I can put an Ad/Banner/Link on my website or email for referral commissions?

Anyone that wants to promote our event with banners on their website or in their emails can do so by registering as an affiliate. This will give affiliates an opportunity to earn up to 60% on every Credit repair Summit Sale Closed.
Visit our Affiliate page here for additional information.

Contact Us

Still have questions?

Send a message via the contact page here, and we’ll get back to you right away.